High efficiency unit for deodorization and filtration of organic and chemical, high efficiency  made up of a centrifugal fan module in box casing with belt driven motor and a filtering module complete with a cloth filter G4, cell filter H10, electrostatic cells and active carbon filters.


Structural shape aluminum frame oxidized P30 or P40, with nylons angles reinforced with fiberglass. Sheet metal double panels “SANDWICH” Zn/Zn thickness 23mm, with noise reduction and flame proof lining insulation. The ventilation group (fan and motor) is mounted on anti-vibration rubber feet. Between box casing panels and fan-mouth an anti-vibration seal of 10mm avoid vibrations transmission. Inspection’s panel can be opened only with utensils and security microswitch. CANALIZED MACHINE. EXECUTIONS IN TWO MODULES.


Centrifugal double inlet fan built with hot galvanized sheets. Forward shovels statically and dynamically balanced.


Electrical three-phase motor type UNEL-MEC B3 connected to the fan wheel with belts, equipped with adjustable motor mounting.


Value measured in free field at a distance of 1,5 meters.


Panels versions: Satin stainless steel AISI 304 – aluminum – laminated sheet colour beige.
Insulations: egg shell sound proofing – mineral wool nominal density 100 kg/m3


excluded obstruct airstream effect

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